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Webstore - Enterprise
Best plan for enterprise level organization
Webstore - Enterprise

WebstoreTM - Enterprise

WebstoreTM is an for any business or entrepreneur who wants to open an online store and sell their products and services. Product is endorsed and verified by Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (Ontario Made)

Total price includes for following fees.

Setup Fee: $1500 one time fee.

Service Fee: $2400/year.

Total at the start: $3900 includes setup fee.

1. This product comes with setup fee and yearly service fee as mentioned above and customer need to sign contract and agreement.

WebstoreTM - Enterprise plan includes following features & benefits.

  • One free domain and email account.
  • Showcase your products and services.
  • Show horizontal banners at home page of store.
  • Take control of product display along with pictures, description, prices, quantities, inventory etc.
  • Shopping cart along with recommended items at the checkout.
  • Merchant account - Add & edit products, manage orders, shipping costs, discounts, inventory management. Manage store background theme, Analytics (Stats, Reports, insights) etc.,
  • Integration to payment system provider (needs application),
  • Order management with reports,
  • Shopping options: Shipping options, discount offers management etc.,
  • Customer support.
  • 99% System Reliability.
  • Low Inventory Alert.
  • Send Digital invoice.
  • Pre-order Requests.
  • Chat tool integration.
  • Multi-user & multi-level environment.
  • Customer Account.
  • Branded Email Accounts (10).
Terms and condition for WebstoreTM Plan Account holder.
  • Account holder would need to sign an agreement prior to using Webstore for their business. 
  • Paying for the plan fees does not entitle account holders a proprietary or distribution rights on the Webstore software and its services any time. 
  • Account holder must maintain account active state by regularly paying for its annual fees on time without any delay. Any late payment may incur late fee as deemed necessary.
  • If account is dormant state due to nonpayment of annual fees or any other customization charges. you would need to be re-activated the account and there could be re-activation charges equivalent to standard applicable setup fees in order to re-activate the account. 
  • In case the terminated account needs reactivation for any reason and after agreeing to the terms for the reactivation of the terminated account, there could be re-activation charges equivalent to applicable standard setup fees prior to the reinstating of terminated account.
  • Please read all term and conditions.
  • Transaction fee of 3.5% to 4% is applicable and is auto deducted from each processed transaction.**)

For details please contact us at or call us at Tel: +1-289-584-9900

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