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Want to have an online store or tired of your existing e-commerce platform?
KishMan Solutions offers an easy to use platform called WebstoreTM with many themes for storefront. It comes with Shopping cart, One domain, Business email account, E-commerce, Merchant account, Chat window, Loyalty – Discount codes, Built-in emailing and more. We setup online store and hand it over to you so you can operate it. You take full control of the content, add, modify or delete items you want to sell, set prices, seasonal and special discounts etc.

We are famous for providing quick support and proper guidance all along the way to your success. Please refer to our Testimonials to see how WebstoreTM was beneficial to our customers.

Both WebstoreTM product and software as a service are user-friendly, fast, responsive. It renders effectively on desktops, tablets, and smartphone devices. It is a cloud based system integrated with payment system and you do not need special hardware for selling.

Send a request by filling up the form here for demo of product or contact us with your questions and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

- WebstoreTM offered by KishMan Solutions