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Frequently Asked Questions 

What is Webstore™?
Webstore™ is software as a service as well as complete ecommerce product for building and running your online branded store. It is giving you the power to sell your products and services with unique shopping experience and ease.

Who can use it?
You may be novice or seasoned entrepreneur and looking to start and run an online store then Webstore™ is for you.

Why I need Webstore™ for my online store?
Webstore™ has various built-in tools that enables you to build your online store and empowers you to promote and sell products & services online. It is very simple to use and easy to operate.

Why should use Webstore™?
You need a cloud-based software as a service to host your online store or a packaged product to host your online store on your own servers. In either case, you need Webstore™ to build and run your online branded store.  

What are the benefits of Webstore™?
With Webstore™ you can use a computer or a mobile device and an internet connection to sell products online. There is absolutely no need to download any app or software on any device.
Benefits & features:
    • Quick customer service and excellent guidance
    • One domain free
    • Branded email account (3 accounts for Advance version & 10 accounts for Enterprise version)
    • No need to download any app or software for managing orders
    • No need to download any app or software for your customers to place orders.
    • Built-in content management for managing store contents, logo categories, and navigation menus without the help of a developer. Ability to manage content for About Us, FAQ, Privacy, Terms and Testimonial pages.
    • Storefront has open product showcase design.
    • Change the theme for your storefront depending up on a season with a click of a button.
    • Autocomplete search by product name and category.
    • Ability to view product details with image photo gallery for a product.
    • Shopping cart with quick access on all pages.
    • Merchant account for managing products, purchasing orders, shipping options, taxes etc.
    • Checkout with delivery options.
    • Loyalty & Discount offer codes for your customers.
    • Built-in chat communicator (Advance & Enterprise version holders only)
    • Built-in tool - Subscribe for email updates & newsletters.
    • Built-in CASL complaint email broadcast tool for sending marketing and survey emails to customers.
    • Guest workflow, no sign up required for customers to place order.
How Webstore™ works?
There are three versions of Webstore™ namely,
    • Standard : For novice entrepreneurs
    • Advance : For seasoned entrepreneurs
    • Enterprise: For large organization.
For Standard and Advance versions, we setup initial framework for your online store and hand it over to you so you can build and operate it. You take full control of the content, add, modify or delete items you want to sell, set prices, seasonal and special discounts etc. We are there to support you for any issues and provide you guidance.
Setup service is optional for Enterprise version.

Where can I get this product?

Email us or call us for more details or to book an order. If desired, we would love to take the opportunity to give you a full, free demo of the product. Just fill-up the form here and we will get back to you with a schedule.
Tel:     (289) 584-9900