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Front & 5 more Pages Advertising on AshiRo (A.6)
Front & 5 more Pages Advertising on AshiRo (A.6)

Front page and other 5 pages

Location: Right column - Top 2nd or below.

Ad size: width 250px & height 250px

Price: $1200/year


  • Tax will be charged and added as applicable.
  • Above charges do not include charges for making graphic advertisement. Please enquire about design charges for making a graphic for your advertisement. If you already have a graphic file for an advertisement, then you may not need this service.
  • Only digital payment is accepted. Make payment using credit card.
  • Acceptable advertisement graphic file formats – Jpg, Gif, Png.
  • It takes 2 to 5 business days to appear your advertise on the website.

Suggestion: Show your contact information on your advertisement. We do not entertain, or redirect business calls or messages from your prospective clients.

For any question or more information email Customer service AshiRo Rentals at

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