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AshiRo Premium Search Service
AshiRo Premium Search Service
AshiRo Premium Search Service
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AshiRo Rentals
Premium Search service

Looking for specific rental place in Canada. Then pay for our premium monthly service charge and we will send you rental places those closely match to your needs in a specified city for selected months. Please specify your needs in the message section when making a payment. Please note sometimes its not possible to find exact matching property to you needs due to sudden shortage in rental markets in the specified city. In such cases we will send you closely matching rental properties. 

How it works:

1, First pay for our services by selecting price and number of months for service contract in the quantity drop down list shown above. follow the steps and complete the payment.
2. After you make a payment and payment is confirmed Our team start looking for rental places by reaching out to people in our network and outside of network.
3. If match or closely matched rental place is found then we will email you detail along with contact information of property and it's manager or owner or agent so you can contact them directly for viewing the property and sign the rental agreement.
4. Terms in the Rental agreement are set by the property manager or agent or owner of the property and you understand that those terms are not set by AshiRo rentals. therefore we will not be responsible for any punitive damages that may occur after you sign the rental agreement with property manager or agent or owner.
5. Once you sign the rental agreement you understand that you are legally bound by the terms mentioned in the agreement therefore you must first read the agreement and understand each clause before signing the agreement.
6. If you like any of the property those we sent to you then you would email or text us asking to stop the service and we will stop sending you more properties. However if the time is left and you want to restart the stopped service then you would email us or text us requesting to restart premium search service. In all cases we would need you to send us request from email that you used to make payment at first; this will help us locate your account to resume your service. 
7. You must check spam or junk folders for our notifications and mark those as not spam or junk and if possible then add our email in your safe senders list. This will make future notification land in your inbox. 

Our contact information:
Text only number: (365) 299-0242
website contact form:

Terms & conditions: 

1. You understand that we provide search and sharing service for rental properties and we are not the owner or property manager or agent of the properties.
2. This Service is at will basis and either you or is free to discontinue this service any time. In such cases if you wish to discontinue the service then no refunds will be issued.
3. if we could not find exact matching rental properties then you accept that we will keep providing closely matching properties for remaining days of the the service contract.
4. If you put forward any Unreasonable requirement for example property structure that are not usually or legally  build in the city or province or you ask for below market monthly rent prices, or ask for very short period rentals or ask for a specific furniture in a fully furnished homes/apartment/condos etc., such unreasonable matter to be settled between you and the owner of the property  and are not covered under this service.
5. At any time. not more than five(5) matching rental properties will be sent to you in a 30 days period.
6. Matching service begins after 7-10 business days period from the day payment is made to us.
7. Kishman Solutions is the parent company operating the AshRio Rentals website service and you understand that the money will be collected by KishMan Solutions for this premium services.